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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A "Revolutionary" Friendship

 Conservative Patriot Revolution Co-Founders Leon O'Dell and Suzanne Sharer


A "Revolutionary" Friendship

Friendships begin in strange ways.   This one started on Facebook back in February, 2011, when I noticed this person posting, commenting and replying in a very intelligent, Conservative Christian manner, so nice and yet so firm as she made her points.    My first thought was “This is someone that really knows her stuff”.  She was making her points clearly and concisely, and in some cases making people feel good even as they lost their arguments.   So I sent a “Friend Request” not really expecting a reply.   It turned out that I not only received an “Add” but a very nice reply.   That someone was my great friend and now business partner, Suzanne Sharer.   

As we began discussing various issues, and learning about each other, it became clear to me that there was something special here.   As friends do, we talked about things that have helped form who we are.  The most fascinating, and probably the turning point, was when I reluctantly shared my experience of a near death in a car accident.   My heart stopped, I flat-lined in the ambulance, and I “left my body” in a supernatural event where I could see all around me, 360 degrees.  I felt no pain, in fact I felt a sweet peace and warmth I had never felt.  A bright light was in front of me, so bright that everything was near white.  I began telling the ambulance driver how to get to the hospital, and which street to take, telling him there was construction ahead and there was a detour.  The EMS attendant at my side was extremely shocked when I gave him my prognosis.  “Are you a doctor??”, he asked.   I replied “No, but that is what is wrong.”    Then he asked me the bigger question, “Are you religious?”, to which I answered, “Yes, why?”    The EMS attendant had seen this before.    When we arrived at the hospital, they rushed me to the emergency room, pushed me through the door, and immediately left.  I never had the chance to discuss it further.    

When I told Suzanne this story, she was silent for a moment.   Of course I was assuming she thought I was crazy.   When she replied, she said “I have never told anyone this, because I always thought they would not believe it.   I had a similar instance where I left MY body”.    We had connected by a strange set of circumstances, but we were immediately put into a spiritual frame of mind.  We had several  other  strange similarities, but mostly the thought process itself has proven to me that two people can in fact think the same thing at the same time.  It has happened far too often to be disproven to me.

As we began to share our ideas and long term goals, it became apparent that we share a common desire to tell the Christian Conservative viewpoint.  Our political and Christian principles are identical.  As we talked more and more, it was evident we were on the edge of something major.   The idea of a website and a radio station were naturals, as we already had those in the works, through my radio station and her blogs.    So the idea came to us at the same time… our own multimedia company, beginning with our website, Conservative Patriot Revolution, and our Radio Station, Conservative Patriot Radio.  Since this media company began development, we have hit a few delays and snags, but we are resolved to continually improve and implement new features as we grow.  Suzanne Sharer serves as President of Conservative Patriot Revolution and Conservative Patriot Radio.  

Congratulations to Suzanne for her selection to PolitiChicks of Arizona, part of the Politichicks Nation program, and her selection by the Arizona Federation of Republican Women to participate in the Dodie Londen Excellence in Public Service Series.

Please keep your eyes on Conservative Patriot Revolution for an exciting web alternative to the current Social Media. 

~ Leon O’Dell
   Chief Operating Officer, Conservative Patriot Revolution – “CPR for America”

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

It’s Our America!

An open letter to our Government;

You are on notice; today is the day. The day we say NO more. Election Day November 6Th 2012.

This is our America!  She does not belong to those of you in Government, She does not belong to the President no matter who is in office, She does not belong to our Senators or Congressmen and women, She does not belong to any elected or non elected body. America belongs to us, WE the people and we are coming to take her back.

Today is the day as Americans we will exercise the most precious right we have as Americans, the gift given to us by our founding fathers, the gift of voting that gives us a voice in our own Government, The Republic for which we stand! For the record we are not a Democracy and many of know the difference and we will teach our children this difference and the truth about America and her citizens and what makes her great. We will continue to stop the lies and set American History straight.

No more will we let you tell us we are racist and angry and that God does not have a place in our lives as Americans! No more will we let the media cover up for your lies and disgraceful behaviors. No more will you strip us of our rights in the name of what is good for us or "safe". We the people will decide what is right for us and that includes who is in the office of the Presidency.

We will leave future generations, our Children an America we are proud of! Today is the day we begin to take it back!
This is OUR America!
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Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Race for Arizona’s Congressional District 9; Sexy or Just Scary?

Politics are many things to many people and at times I have even heard it described as “sexy”. I think that can be an accurate assessment in some of the more well known National races to be sure. I mean who doesn’t like a good debate to get your blood pumping and then languishing in the sweet moment of victory when we see our candidate triumph over the other guy? Maybe if we are really lucky we can experience the infamous Chris Mathews tingle up (or was it down) our leg! Well ok let’s be honest for a moment, most local races are a bit dry and lackluster and could put even the most avid political wonks to sleep! This is truly unfortunate as local politics are in all honesty the heart of our Nation’s political system. What more people need to understand is that what happens on local levels ultimately will affect National policy.

Every once in awhile we have the chance to show how important our local elections can be and it seems that in this election we are being treated right here in Arizona to a few very hot races that are garnishing national attention and leaving us sitting on the edge our seats waiting with anticipation to see how they play out on the big day. One such race that has created quite a bit of buzz on the national level is right here in my district, the newly carved out Congressional District 9.

To the Right we have Vernon Bernard Parker, Former Mayor of Paradise Valley coming in with a long list of impressive conservative credentials. Vernon is the personification of the American Dream; coming from poverty he was able to put himself through college and Law School with hard work and help from his loving and very dedicated family. Vernon believes in personal achievement through smaller government, strengthening business through tax cuts that enable them to succeed on their own merit and of course dear to his heart is much needed education reform. He believes in putting parents back in control of their child’s education not some bureaucrat in Washington, D.C.  But of course the most ridiculous attacks on Vernon coming from his opponent are about his belief in the sanctity of all life. Vernon Parker is a right to life candidate who is targeted by the lefts 2012 marketing plan used to lull uniformed women to their causes, called the “War on Women”.  You can read up on Vernon’s credentials here and see for yourself the kind of leadership he promises.

And now to the Left we have former State Senator, Kyrsten Sinema a self proclaimed “Prada socialist”.  What exactly is a Prada socialist you may ask? Well I cannot find a definition for that term in my Miriam Webster’s Dictionary so I may have to go out on a limb here and assume she is either saying she feels that the Government should distribute Prada to the masses equally or she enjoys the finer things in life and feels she is entitled to them ala her tax payer provided salary whilst she leads her constituents into poverty and the Prada she can afford is only something we the little people could only dream of owning. So no Prada for you! For some reason I am suddenly being reminded of another woman in political history who once said “let them eat cake.” As I said she only said it once.

Ironically Ms. Sinema, probably due to her beholding to Planned Parenthood and other pro-choice organizations such as NARAL and Emily’s list, claims to be out in support of women yet she is on record as saying women who stay at home are leeching off their husbands and boyfriends. That doesn’t sound too woman friendly to me! She also falsely claimed to be responsible for legislation that gave protection to Breast feeding moms when in fact it was Jonathan Patton’s bill. Can you say phony? Trying to get on the good side of women is very important for the left and they spend large amounts of time and money trying to persuade, deceive and even belittle women into voting for their agenda stooping to new lows on a daily basis. Socialism needs the votes of women to help in their agenda of the working towards the goal of eroding traditional family values and the premise that all life is precious. This is why we have heard so much on this made up “War on Women”.

In addition to Sinema being pro-choice on abortion rights, in 2006 she also supported legalizing physician assisted suicide here in Arizona. This does not seem like a person who cares very much about any life, whether it be man, woman or child. Yet these are the types of candidates who are being sent out to run for office by these leftist super PACS who claim that only they care about the people. These organizations are not even trying to hide who they are any more. You only have to smart enough to know that progressive is code for Socialist.

I can only hope that people have seen through all the campaign rhetoric to who the person they vote for really is and that on November 7th we wake up with Vernon Bernard Parker representing CD9 in Washington DC.

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Friday, October 26, 2012

Let The Revolution Begin!

10 days and counting until the most important election of our lifetime!  With time running out we still need to work harder than ever to make certain we get every vote we can for our candidates. Grab a friend, a neighbor or a co-worker who normally doesn't vote and take them to the polls with you! We have been in very tight race but now with Romney pulling ahead in the polls we need to stay on high alert as the left is having what can best be described as a meltdown in front of our very eyes! This would be really humorous if it wasnt' so dangerous. The left is anything but honest in situations where they feel they are in control of so as the Presidency is slowly slipping from their grasp I am anticipating we will be treated to more than just their usual bag of voter fraud and trickery.

How sad is it that we have become familiar with such  tiresome games of seeing how many dead people and felons the Democrats can get to vote and we have now seen how giving away bottles of vodka can persuade a vote for the party of entitlements. How charming they are and generous too! Is the campaign slogan for socialism now a chicken in every pot and a bottle of booze in every hand? Just when we think they have scraped the bottom of the barrel we find it can and does gets worse! We are looking at something much more nefarious this election day than possibly a hanging chad. According to a recent article in the Hill,
the United Nations affiliate group OSCE, who is known for monitoring elections was asked by Civil Rights groups to monitor polling places across America for voter suppression activities by conservative groups. Interestingly, or should I say predictably the states chosen are those with some of the highest electoral votes, California, Texas, New York and Florida.

 Texas, like my wonderful state of Arizona doesn't take well to intimidation by the Obama administration and their goons. The Attorney General of Texas is threatening to file criminal charges against the observers if they dare step foot near their polling places and rightly so. It is after all within the jurisdiction of each state to toss these UN affiliated jesters out onto their back sides so it seems we should not get too worried about their presence. I say maybe we do.  With Romney mania (as opposed to Romnesia) starting to get a foothold, the liberal base is looking for new ways to ensure an Obama 2nd term even if Romney should win the election. Shades of Al Gore emerge as I recall a Democratic party temper tantrum of historical proportions! Could it be that these UN flunkies are being sent to set up the basis for calling the election stolen should Romney win? That is really the only reason I can think of since they have no business being here in the first place!

November 6th 2012 will prove to be an interesting day in history as we learn the fate of our Nation. Regardless of who wins, the battle will still rage on and we need every American awake and engaged. One thing is certain, we have much work to do to return to the greatness we all are longing for. Pray hard and pray often.